A Murmuration of over 1600 starlings are depicted in ‘Rise and Fall’ rolling and twisting in their almost impossible on mass flight – wings touching but never colliding.

I have captured one small section of a huge gathering of starlings totalling hundreds of thousands of birds. The movement is a mesmerising display, a freeze-frame of what occurs with an effortlessness style. The starlings are printed, cut, edges inked and pinned off a printed skyscape background.

The work was created by first sourcing a number of images of starlings in flight, and studying their shapes on the wing. Each individual bird was then printed in greyscale to a metallic finish card. A sense of movement is maintained by the materials and the construction of the piece. The birds are mounted on pins at varying heights off the canvas, giving the piece a depth of field, and the reflective quality of the card allows the birds to have a playful relationship to the ambient light.

Murmurations also has a unique relationship with the environment in which it is placed, transitioning as the ambient light changes and as the viewer moves. It captures the awe-inspiring scale and movement of one of the greatest visual displays in nature. Its neutral colour palette making it inhabit a rather mysterious, dreamlike world.

The frame is wood with a matt black finish.

Dimensions: (h) 750mm x (w) 940mm, (d) 50mm (30mm front edge)


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