A bespoke edition of ‘Surge’ for The Barracuda Casino in the west end of London. Produced as part of internal refurbishment and rebrand for Rank owned Grosvenor Casinos. The artwork has been positioned in the welcome area of the basement club. The client wanted a feature that draws attention to The Barracudas marine themed name. The basement, having no natural light, invited the idea of an artwork that had both a playfulness and reflective quality. The artwork shimmers when moving past and picks up on any of the environmental colours that surround the piece.

The piece captures the rush of energy and movement as a shoal of Mackerel switches direction, their silver bellies flashing in the sunlight.


Each fish is printed on a metallic card, then profile cut, edges inked out in black and scored to create a 3 Dimensional effect. Each fish is pinned off on a midnight blue background at varying heights off the surface to create a real depth of field.


The frame is bespoke – the main structure in wood, finished with F&B ‘Off black’ with added brass trim to front edges and supports.

Dimensions: (h) 1200mm x (w) 3000mm, (d) 580mm (30mm front edge)


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