Butterflies are something we naturally associate with summer and sunshine, but here I wanted to explore the possibility of removing all colour. In this piece, the butterflies are printed in black and grey-scale onto metallic card. Each butterfly is hand cut before black wire antennae are attached, and they are pinned onto the black background. The overall effect is one of a mass of butterflies attempting to escape the confines of their frame. The muted print style and reflective card the butterflies the appearance of being made from metal. The metallic card reflects light back out of the box, and creates a moonlit, slightly eerie atmosphere, as we see butterflies outside of their usual habitat. This piece makes a stunning centrepiece, and provides an unusual take on the theme.


The frame is wooden with a matt black finish.
Dimensions: (h) 940mm x (w) 750mm, (d) 50mm (30mm front edge)
Lead time: approximately 3-4 weeks
Each piece is handmade and unique, and individually framed and signed by myself.
Price: POR excluding shipping
Please contact me to discuss bespoke commissions.

Visual for Carter Williamson

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