This piece is teeming with a host of blue Morpho butterflies. The butterflies are displayed inside a picture frame, densely packed and overlapping, giving the effect of a clamour to escape the confines of the box. The underside of the wings are a deep brown pattern with multiple eyespots, making the Morpho perfectly camouflaged when its wings are closed.

Each butterfly is hand cut, before being scored and folded to create a three-dimensional effect. Black wire antennae are attached to each insect, before they are pinned off on a black background.

Chaos - Blue Morpho

This piece is displayed in an authentic lepidopterist box, available in a natural wood or black finish.
They make fantastic gifts as well as impressive centrepieces to decorate your home.

Liberty - Blue Morpho


Larger: (h) 610mm x (w) 400mm x (d) 95mm:

Each piece is handmade and unique and individually signed by myself.

Price: £2,200.00.

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