A three-dimensional kaleidoscope of mounted butterflies in a striking circular geometric pattern. Using a mix of rich red Lacewings, orange Monarchs and miniature metallic gold Monarch butterflies the artwork radiates from the centre to the edges of the frame in a multi-layered pattern, shifting in colour and tone and angles as it transitions. 

Each of the wing patterns has been embellished to feature hidden ghostly faces and skulls, injecting a darker more sinister aspect to the ethereal beauty of butterflies – in turn referencing the fleeting lifespan of butterflies between birth and death.

Printed on 300gsm Sirio Pearl Oyster and Sirio Arum Gold mounted on 160gsm Fabriano Tiziano White Pastel paper.

The 7.5cm deep 3d kaleidoscope individually profile cut butterflies, folded, edges inked in, antennae fixed and pinned at various heights off a backboard.

The box frame is made of timber, finished in a matt black sprayed paint with a returned edge of 70mm

Dimensions: (h) 54cm x (w) 54mm x 75mm


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