Cluster was commissioned by Visto Images, Paris, curators of artwork for the global luxury hotel market.
Cluster draws inspiration from a previous work, The Great Escape.

Cluster in situ

Cluster demonstrates a mass of butterflies – in this case Monarch butterflies, adapted in three different colour tones. Monarchs undertake an amazing migration, with some travelling up to 3,000 miles to reach their winter homes. The monarch is only airborne in daylight, and each night rests in clusters on trees as protection against predators and the cold.

Grosvenor Cluster

There may be tens of thousands of butterflies in a cluster, as they cloak the tree – it is a spectacular sight.

Cluster 2

This piece captures a mass of butterflies framed in a beautifully finished acrylic box.

Cluster Working

The acrylic box has transparent sides, allowing views of the artwork that are not usually possible.

Cluster Acrylic

Dimensions: (h) 1200mm x (w) 800mm x (d) 90mm
Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning a similar, bespoke piece.
Lead time: 8 weeks

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