Airborne captures a large swirl of butterflies in mid-flight.
Monarch butterflies undertake an amazing migration, with some travelling up to 3,000 miles to reach their winter homes. The Monarch is only airborne in daylight, and each night rests in clusters on trees as protection against predators and the cold. There may be tens of thousands of butterflies in a cluster, as they cloak the tree – it is a spectacular sight.

Each morning, the butterflies make a slightly chaotic mass “take-off” as they embark on the next leg of their journey. Airborne features around 40 butterflies, capturing a moment in time usually too fast for the human eye to appreciate.

Airborne - Monarch

The butterflies are displayed inside a bell jar. Each butterfly is double-sided and individually hand cut, with black wire antennae. They are pierced and suspended on 1mm brass rods within the bell jar.

Dimensions: Bell jar diameter 220mm, height 400mm
Lead time: approximately 2-3 weeks
Each piece is handmade and unique and individually signed by myself.
Price: £ POR
This piece is exclusively available to buy in store at Liberty London.ommissions.

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