This piece is from my series of pictures called ‘Cluster’

The piece was a commission for a private client and is a study of a concentration of yellow Statira Sulphur Butterfly and orange Monarch butterflies in a sphere. A thick 3D cluster of 350+ handmade butterflies printed on a light reflective paper – pinned to the canvas to create a depth of 70mm. It creates a very dense impact of colour – the client in this case specified the species of butterfly to create a bespoke 1off artwork.

Capturing a scene that evokes life, energy, and artificial order.

Faunart - Daniel Byrne

Faunart - Daniel Byrne

Faunart - Daniel Byrne

The frame is wood, finished in white with a matt finish with a returned edge of 70mm.

Dimensions: (w) 500mm x 500mm x 70mm


Please contact me to discuss bespoke commissions.

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