Is a thick ring of fluttering butterflies depicted in a big hit of fiery Autumn hues. The composition gives a sense of movement, energy and life on a scale and depth that demonstrates a frenetic mass of butterflies which could seemingly escape the confines of the frame.

The artwork comprises of 5 butterfly types produced to represent the palette of colours found in nature during Autumn, all individually pinned off an arresting Gold Leaf background. The butterflies are cut and folded to shape and see flame-red Monarch butterflies burning bright amongst a mix of sparkling golds and hot Orange hues. In addition to the prominent Monarchs are the yellow Statira Sulphurs tweaked to appear more muted in tone. The Morpho butterflies changed from their familiar iridescent blue to deep rich maroons. Completing the artwork is a peppering of Bath White butterflies  – providing a cooling, silvery balance against the flaming autumnal tones. 

All printed 300gsm on Sirio in a mix of matt finish, light reflective and metallic paper types. 

The depth of 3d butterflies gives the artwork an arresting texture – allowing shadow, light and space for the butterflies to look life-like.

Dimensions: (h) 1000mm x (w) 100mm x 75mm


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