Cluster is a composition of Monarch butterflies with a surrounding outline of Bath Whites in a solid radial shape. Whilst providing impact through a thick mass of colour the lines have been blurred to create a more organic positioning of butterflies – free of hard lines. The butterflies are caught in motion, fluttering amongst each other in frenetic activity – creating depth, shadow and contrast through their sheer number.

Equally, there is a playfulness of light from the richness of texture and tone, demonstrating a scene evoking life, energy and vitality.

Monarch and Bath White butterflies have been printed on 300gsm Sirio Pearl Oyster mounted on 160gsm Fabriano Tiziano White Pastel paper.



The 7.5cm deep 3d cluster depicts 250+ individually profile cut butterflies, folded, edges inked in, antennae fixed and pinned at various heights off a backboard.

The box frame is made of timber, finished in a matt black sprayed paint with a returned edge of 70mm

Dimensions: (h) 54cm x (w) 54mm x 75mm


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