This piece depicts a shoal of more than 300 Atlantic Mackerel.
The mackerel is a beautiful fish, with a marbled bluey-green back and a silver underside. They arrive in UK seas in the spring, and in summer they move in vast shoals as they hunt for food. Sometimes they work as a team to ‘herd’ smaller fish to the surface of the sea – making it look as though the sea is boiling.

Shoul Mates

Mackerel also shoal together as a defence against predators: the flash and shimmer of the large group distracts and confuses the eye. The overall effect is mesmerising and impressive. This piece captures the rush of energy and movement as the shoal switches direction, their silver bellies flashing in the sunlight.
Each fish is printed on metallic card, then cut by hand and scored to create a three-dimensional effect. Each fish is pinned off on a midnight blue background.


The frame is wood with a matt black finish.
Dimensions: (h) 750mm x (w) 940mm, (d) 50mm (30mm front edge)


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