The Great Escape uses a sash window as a frame, a familiar object which lends reality and plausibility to the composition. The window is an original Victorian sash that has been lovingly restored and then given a distressed effect.

Great Escape - Blue

This visually striking piece incorporates over 200 beautiful Blue Morpho butterflies in their classic cluster formation, trying to escape the confines of the sash window.
Blue Morpho butterflies undertake an amazing migration each year, with some travelling up to 3,000 miles to reach their winter homes. The Blue Morpho is only airborne in daylight, and each night rests in clusters on trees as protection against predators and the cold. There may be tens of thousands of butterflies in a cluster, as they cloak entire trees – it is a spectacular sight.

Great Escape II

Great Escape II

This is an installation piece that demonstrates the sort of work that can be achieved.
Price: £ POR
Different sized windows or formats could be used, or different species of butterfly or other insects for example.

Please contact me to discuss bespoke commissions.

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