Part of a large commission for The Dorchester Hotel – the commission is part of extensive curation of British-only artists, with artwork celebrating the theme of ‘beauty in the natural world’. Cluster of Burgundy is one of three butterfly compositions used in all suites and penthouse suites – tying the colour palette of artwork with the colour scheme of the fixtures and fittings of the suites.

Cluster of Burgundy is a radial composition featuring a concentration of two tones of a bespoke burgundy Morpho butterfly type – coupled with an outer edge of Bath white butterflies produced to tie in with the colours found in the suites.  The piece demonstrates a frenetic mass of butterflies which could seemingly escape the confines of the frame. The depth of 3d butterflies gives the artwork an arresting texture – allowing shadow, light and space for the butterflies to look lifelike.

All are individually pinned off a white textured pastel paper background. The butterflies are cut and folded to shape and sees bespoke gold Monarch butterflies against a peppering of silver Monarch and Bath Whites.

All printed 300gsm on Sirio Pearl – Polar Dawn light reflective paper. Mounted on to a background of 200gsm Fabriano pastel paper.

The frame is wood, finished in a matt black sprayed paint with a returned edge of 75mm and a front edge of 20mm with a 5mm gold leaf beading.

Dimensions (Outer): (h) 750cm x (w) 750mm x (d) 75mm


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