This piece captures a large swirl of monarch butterflies in flight, as they cluster together. The composition features around 40 individual butterflies, capturing a moment in time usually too fast for the human eye to appreciate.


In this piece, the butterflies are printed in silvery blue ink onto silver card. The card reflects the light, giving a moonlit feel to the piece: the butterflies seem to shimmer as if made from metal.

Airborne - Silver, Close Up

The butterflies are displayed inside a bell jar. Each one is double-sided and individually hand cut, with black wire antennae. They are pierced and suspended on 1mm brass rods within the bell jar.

Airborne - Silver

Dimensions: Bell jar diameter 220mm, height 400mm
Lead time: approximately 2-3 weeks
Each piece is handmade and unique, and individually signed by myself.
Price: £ POR
Please contact me to discuss bespoke commissions.spoke commissions.

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