A playful take on the ‘air ‘of fluttering butterflies to the ‘air’ of our Royal Air Force, this artwork celebrates the iconic RAF logo with bespoke butterfly types created to replicate the familiar Royal Air Force roundel. The impactful and simple symbol recreated in three-dimensional form provides the viewer with a discovery of form and texture and detail that draws the eye right onto the surface of each butterfly.

A celebration of our Royal Air Force the RAF roundels were used on all aircraft as a circular identification mark, painted on all aircrafts to identify them to other aircraft and ground forces, a graphic simplification of the Union Jack cross.

Also adopted by The Mod subculture in Britain in the 1960’s – taking a symbol of authority and traditionalism and repurposing it to express their own sense of style and identity. It was seen as a bold and eye-catching graphic element that could be incorporated into clothing and accessories to make a statement.

Over 800 individually made butterflies were used in this piece to achieve the abundancy and density for a thick pop of colour. Each of the front and reverse sides of the red wing patterns have been embellished to feature hidden ghostly faces and skulls, injecting a darker more sinister aspect to the ethereal beauty of butterflies – in turn referencing the fleeting lifespan of butterflies between birth and death.

The frame is wood, finished in a matt black sprayed paint with a returned edge of 75mm and a front edge of 15mm.

Dimensions (Outer): (h) 54cm x (w) 54mm x (d) 75mm


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