Liberty is an iconic London store situation at the heart of the city, with an impressive distinctive mock-Tudor frontage on Great Malborough Street.

On founding the business in 1900 century Arthur Lasenby Liberty made a commitment to offer inspirational, impeccably made goods and services drawn from all over the world. As a Royal Warrant holder dedicated to quality, Arthur Liberty also set out to forge strong relationships with British designers and artists, most famously the protagonists of the Art Noveau movement.

Henceforward Liberty championed the arts and created fashion rather than followed it.  Promoting small designers and makers from the early days, Liberty set a distinctive approach to its retail offer, and by acting as patron made art fundamental to the customer experience and lifestyle offer. As Oscar Wilde said, “Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper”.

Artistically the store grounded itself in its promotion of the Arts & Crafts movement, and the designs of its best-known protagonist William Morris, championing the movement’s visual language of flora and fauna, and belief in small scale, hand-made and honest construction. Ever since Liberty has held true to its traditions and in recent years it began to host annual “Open Call” events, these giving designers an opportunity to present their designs or products to the Liberty panel for consideration for the store.

Liberty Store London

The work the store does in promoting emerging artists and designers alongside major brands is fundamental. Looking at the brand directory of Liberty, one realises they all began with a creative vision. Given the nature of my work, it is not surprising then that I hold a deep respect for Liberty, and have found inspiration in its history and the way it holds tradition close while ever being forward thinking.

It was, therefore, an enormous honour when they approached me to say they had seen my work and thought it would fit in well with all they represent. The store then took in a range of work, from smaller pieces to larger creations and you can see the pieces that are exclusively available via Liberty in the Gallery section of this website.

Liberty’s recognition of my work has provided invaluable impetus to develop and expand my ideas further. New pieces are in development and will be published on this site as they are completed, for purchase or commission.  If you would like to receive notification of new work please contact me.

To artists:

The date for the 2017 “Best of British” Open Call is being announced soon – Click here if you want to find out more

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