This piece captures a shoal of 1000 Atlantic Mackerel  – capturing the rush of energy and movement as a shoal of Mackerel switches direction, their silver bellies flashing in the sunlight. It is always a mesmerising sight – and one that I was compelled to try and frame in an artistic an arresting form.

The mackerel is a beautiful fish, with a marbled bluey-green back and a silver underside. They arrive in UK seas in the spring, and in summer they move in vast shoals as they hunt for food. Sometimes they work as a team to ‘herd’ smaller fish to the surface of the sea – making it look as though the sea is boiling.

The frame is wood finished in F&B ‘Off Black’ with a matt finish with a beveled inner edge.

Dimensions: (h) 1620mm x (w) 1200mm, (d) 90mm

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